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Temperature Range
15.51 eV → 1.551 x 105 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: Se+29(i) → Se+29(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: Se+29(i) + e → Se+29(j) + e
2s2 2p1 2P0.5 0.0 cm-1
2s2 2p1 2P1.5 374718.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P0.5 622467.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P1.5 848060.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P2.5 979388.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2D1.5 1246260.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2P0.5 1329160.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2D2.5 1405440.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2S0.5 1730870.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2P1.5 1746810.0 cm-1
2p3 4S1.5 2004220.0 cm-1
2p3 2D1.5 2291430.0 cm-1
2p3 2D2.5 2387840.0 cm-1
2p3 2P0.5 2570480.0 cm-1
2p3 2P1.5 2844290.0 cm-1
2s2 3s1 2S0.5 14927400.0 cm-1
2s2 3p1 2P0.5 15178800.0 cm-1
2s2 3p1 2P1.5 15281300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P0.5 15419000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P1.5 15491800.0 cm-1
2s2 3d1 2D1.5 15511100.0 cm-1
2s2 3d1 2D2.5 15545500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P0.5 15568700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D0.5 15638900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D1.5 15705600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P2.5 15782000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4S1.5 15786600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P0.5 15802200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P0.5 15836500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D2.5 15844400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P1.5 15872400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D1.5 15881100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F1.5 15955700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F2.5 16006700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P1.5 16059300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P2.5 16062900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P2.5 16082500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F3.5 16086400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D1.5 16086800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D0.5 16091800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D3.5 16115400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P1.5 16140400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D1.5 16148200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P0.5 16155100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P1.5 16177400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F2.5 16179400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D2.5 16207200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2S0.5 16230800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F4.5 16337900.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P0.5 16340500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D3.5 16366300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D2.5 16368400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P1.5 16380100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P0.5 16382700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P0.5 16410900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D1.5 16417300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D2.5 16428100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P1.5 16470000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D2.5 16490800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F3.5 16514600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P1.5 16514900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P0.5 16538400.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D0.5 16550400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2S0.5 16567100.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P1.5 16607300.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2P0.5 16670400.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D1.5 16689600.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P2.5 16695300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F2.5 16733900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F3.5 16740300.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2D1.5 16742900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D1.5 16744300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P0.5 16784000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D2.5 16785300.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2S0.5 16801200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P1.5 16816700.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P1.5 16841200.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F1.5 16861100.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D2.5 16898600.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P2.5 16929700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F2.5 16932600.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P0.5 16947800.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D1.5 16974900.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D3.5 17012000.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4S1.5 17029200.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2D2.5 17048500.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 17062300.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2P1.5 17087300.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2F2.5 17095300.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P1.5 17125800.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F2.5 17135100.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D0.5 17137500.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F3.5 17150200.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 17162900.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D3.5 17196700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P2.5 17209600.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D1.5 17211500.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F4.5 17230800.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D2.5 17277400.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P1.5 17294100.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P0.5 17299600.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D1.5 17320200.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2S0.5 17326100.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2G3.5 17339800.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D2.5 17347400.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 17350900.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D2.5 17353000.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 17361000.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P0.5 17364700.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2F3.5 17364800.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 17376900.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 17539700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F3.5 17569400.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2G4.5 17589600.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 17590200.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 17608100.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 17613000.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P0.5 17615600.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F3.5 17648100.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 17669100.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2S0.5 17695100.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P1.5 17725700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F2.5 17737700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 17904600.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 17906700.0 cm-1
2s2 4s1 2S0.5 20215400.0 cm-1
2s2 4p1 2P0.5 20320100.0 cm-1
2s2 4p1 2P1.5 20362000.0 cm-1
2s2 4d1 2D1.5 20447300.0 cm-1
2s2 4d1 2D2.5 20461200.0 cm-1
2s2 4f1 2F2.5 20512300.0 cm-1
2s2 4f1 2F3.5 20519000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P0.5 20695300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P1.5 20763500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D0.5 20788000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P0.5 20790000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D1.5 20840000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4S1.5 20858400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P0.5 20886900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D2.5 20910900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F1.5 20912400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P0.5 20913000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D1.5 20922900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P2.5 20936800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G2.5 20981200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F2.5 20982000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D3.5 20988700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D1.5 20996600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D0.5 21001000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F3.5 21004600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D1.5 21023500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F2.5 21028700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F1.5 21051500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G3.5 21052800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D2.5 21055400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G4.5 21058600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P2.5 21061200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D2.5 21063500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G3.5 21066400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P1.5 21090500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P1.5 21170700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P2.5 21176300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D3.5 21196800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P1.5 21208800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D2.5 21228900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2S0.5 21241800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F4.5 21285800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D3.5 21291100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D2.5 21291700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P1.5 21296100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P0.5 21297500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D2.5 21315300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P1.5 21328200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F3.5 21339700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F3.5 21350200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P0.5 21350200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F2.5 21352700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F4.5 21353300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D1.5 21358200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F3.5 21360100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G5.5 21361000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D0.5 21362600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G4.5 21364900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F2.5 21366600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D1.5 21375300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P0.5 21418100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P1.5 21421900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P0.5 21521800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D1.5 21521800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D2.5 21554900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P1.5 21557900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2S0.5 21565600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D1.5 21644400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F2.5 21647200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F3.5 21648200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D2.5 21652100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P0.5 21661400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P1.5 21673700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F2.5 21695500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F3.5 21702100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G3.5 21708800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G4.5 21714600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D1.5 21715900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D2.5 21722200.0 cm-1

        Result of ICFT R-matrix calculation

 Calculation automated by offline ADAS code ADAS8#3

     Summary Information

 *  Ionisation energy taken from ADAS adf00 files

 *  Energy levels calculated by AUTOSTRUCTURE

 *  Radiative rates calculated by AUTOSTRUCTURE

 *  Effective collision strengths calculated by ICFT
    R-matrix calculation using target structure from

     Calculation details

 The following scaling parameters on bound orbitals were used:

         1S = 1.37625
         2S = 1.25305
         2P = 1.17643
         3S = 1.57306
         3P = 1.37789
         3D = 1.49002
         4S = 1.50837
         4P = 1.38965
         4D = 1.53918
         4F = 1.61027

 An exchange calculation was performed up to J=12
 A non-exchange calculation was then performed up to J=40
 Followed by a top-up calculation to J -> infinity.

 40 continuum basis orbitals were used, giving a smallest maximum
 basis-orbital energy of 2859.0632 Rydbergs (38900.413899 eV)

 A fine energy mesh of 0.000001 Z**2 Rydbergs (0.011442646 eV) was used
 between the first and last thresholds for the excitation calculation.

 A coarse energy mesh of 0.001000 Z**2 Rydbergs (11.442646 eV) was used
 from the last threshold up to 0.837656 Z**2 Rydbergs (9585 eV) in the
 excitation calculation.

 A coarse energy mesh of 0.001000 Z**2 Rydbergs (11.442646 eV) was used
 from first threshold up to 0.837656 Z**2 Rydbergs (9585 eV) in the
 non-exchange calculation.

 Dipole and Born limits were used from the last calculated energy points
 up to infinite energy to complete the effective collision strengths

      G Y Liang, N R Badnell and G Zhao
      A&A 547, A87 (2012)
      DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201220277

 Produced by: Guiyun Liang
 Date:        30/07/12


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  • Nigel Badnell
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