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Temperature Range
17.66 eV → 1.766 x 105 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: Kr+31(i) → Kr+31(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: Kr+31(i) + e → Kr+31(j) + e
2s2 2p1 2P0.5 0.0 cm-1
2s2 2p1 2P1.5 492560.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P0.5 698039.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P1.5 1003500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 4P2.5 1154280.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2D1.5 1429450.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2P0.5 1502900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2D2.5 1676630.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2S0.5 2029440.0 cm-1
2s1 2p2 2P1.5 2039330.0 cm-1
2p3 4S1.5 2266420.0 cm-1
2p3 2D1.5 2633360.0 cm-1
2p3 2D2.5 2743300.0 cm-1
2p3 2P0.5 2937630.0 cm-1
2p3 2P1.5 3306800.0 cm-1
2s2 3s1 2S0.5 16966600.0 cm-1
2s2 3p1 2P0.5 17236500.0 cm-1
2s2 3p1 2P1.5 17366700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P0.5 17492800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P1.5 17578400.0 cm-1
2s2 3d1 2D1.5 17612500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P0.5 17656200.0 cm-1
2s2 3d1 2D2.5 17656700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D0.5 17728300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D1.5 17806700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4S1.5 17907500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P0.5 17910400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 4P2.5 17959000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P0.5 17969000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D2.5 17979100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D1.5 18013600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P1.5 18053500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F1.5 18091400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F2.5 18152800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P2.5 18212900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D1.5 18239800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D0.5 18244200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F3.5 18248000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P1.5 18256000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4P2.5 18279900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D1.5 18319300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 4D3.5 18338100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F2.5 18341700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P0.5 18348600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P1.5 18363700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3s1 2P1.5 18365000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D2.5 18434700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2S0.5 18453900.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P0.5 18489700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4F4.5 18583200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D2.5 18607700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4D3.5 18608800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P1.5 18620800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P0.5 18621900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 4P0.5 18623600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D1.5 18630200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D2.5 18677900.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D0.5 18709100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P1.5 18718900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2D2.5 18727300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2P1.5 18755200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F3.5 18767800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P0.5 18799000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3p1 2S0.5 18809400.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P1.5 18843200.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D1.5 18888000.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2P0.5 18905300.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 4P2.5 18939500.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2D1.5 18985300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F2.5 18990400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D1.5 19001600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2F3.5 19002500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P0.5 19040200.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2S0.5 19052500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2D2.5 19053400.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F1.5 19068000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 3d1 2P1.5 19080200.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P1.5 19095200.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F2.5 19155400.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P2.5 19158400.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D2.5 19209700.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4P0.5 19231000.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D1.5 19258600.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4S1.5 19301000.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 4D3.5 19302300.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 19352900.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2D2.5 19386500.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2F2.5 19392200.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P1.5 19416400.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F2.5 19430800.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D0.5 19433200.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2P1.5 19433600.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F3.5 19454600.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 19465000.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D3.5 19500500.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P2.5 19517500.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D1.5 19521200.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4F4.5 19544700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4D2.5 19589700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P1.5 19605500.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 4P0.5 19617100.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2G3.5 19660000.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P0.5 19660600.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 19664700.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D1.5 19677700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 19678700.0 cm-1
2p2 3s1 2S0.5 19703800.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D2.5 19706600.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2D2.5 19737200.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2F3.5 19748500.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 19755300.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 19935500.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P0.5 19961700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F3.5 19977500.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2G4.5 19996700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 20009700.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 20015000.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P0.5 20015300.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F3.5 20051200.0 cm-1
2p2 3p1 2P1.5 20067100.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2S0.5 20102900.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2P1.5 20141100.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2F2.5 20156600.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D1.5 20323400.0 cm-1
2p2 3d1 2D2.5 20326700.0 cm-1
2s2 4s1 2S0.5 22973300.0 cm-1
2s2 4p1 2P0.5 23086200.0 cm-1
2s2 4p1 2P1.5 23139200.0 cm-1
2s2 4d1 2D1.5 23230500.0 cm-1
2s2 4d1 2D2.5 23248300.0 cm-1
2s2 4f1 2F2.5 23303300.0 cm-1
2s2 4f1 2F3.5 23312000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P0.5 23486000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P1.5 23565600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D0.5 23585400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P0.5 23594300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D1.5 23649400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4S1.5 23667300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P0.5 23698800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F1.5 23727400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D2.5 23732800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P0.5 23734900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D1.5 23744400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P2.5 23756500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G2.5 23803500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F2.5 23808500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D3.5 23813000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D1.5 23824500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D0.5 23829200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F3.5 23836300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D1.5 23855300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F2.5 23860600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F1.5 23886000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G3.5 23887100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D2.5 23890200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F4.5 23894900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D2.5 23899600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G3.5 23902800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 4P2.5 23953500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P1.5 23985700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P1.5 24072200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4P2.5 24078200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 4D3.5 24108500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P1.5 24121100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D2.5 24142200.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2S0.5 24155600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4F4.5 24206600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D2.5 24209900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4D3.5 24210500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P1.5 24214700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 4P0.5 24216100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D2.5 24237800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P1.5 24251100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F3.5 24262500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P0.5 24274400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F3.5 24275400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4F2.5 24278100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G4.5 24279600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D1.5 24283900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F3.5 24287500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4G5.5 24288500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 4D0.5 24288700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G4.5 24291900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F2.5 24294500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D1.5 24303800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P0.5 24326000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4s1 2P1.5 24330300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P0.5 24423600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D1.5 24437500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2D2.5 24437500.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2P1.5 24480600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4p1 2S0.5 24492800.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D1.5 24514300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F2.5 24576700.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2F3.5 24580000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P0.5 24583100.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2D2.5 24587400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4d1 2P1.5 24598300.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F2.5 24634600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2F3.5 24642900.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G3.5 24648600.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D1.5 24652400.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2G4.5 24656000.0 cm-1
2s1 2p1 4f1 2D2.5 24663800.0 cm-1

        Result of ICFT R-matrix calculation

 Calculation automated by offline ADAS code ADAS8#3

     Summary Information

 *  Ionisation energy taken from ADAS adf00 files

 *  Energy levels calculated by AUTOSTRUCTURE

 *  Radiative rates calculated by AUTOSTRUCTURE

 *  Effective collision strengths calculated by ICFT
    R-matrix calculation using target structure from

     Calculation details

 The following scaling parameters on bound orbitals were used:

         1S = 1.37570
         2S = 1.25330
         2P = 1.17668
         3S = 1.57152
         3P = 1.37868
         3D = 1.49067
         4S = 1.50946
         4P = 1.39063
         4D = 1.53948
         4F = 1.61537

 An exchange calculation was performed up to J=12
 A non-exchange calculation was then performed up to J=40
 Followed by a top-up calculation to J -> infinity.

 40 continuum basis orbitals were used, giving a smallest maximum
 basis-orbital energy of 3258.6925 Rydbergs (44337.770155 eV)

 A fine energy mesh of 0.000001 Z**2 Rydbergs (0.013075366 eV) was used
 between the first and last thresholds for the excitation calculation.

 A coarse energy mesh of 0.001000 Z**2 Rydbergs (13.075366 eV) was used
 from the last threshold up to 0.862736 Z**2 Rydbergs (11280.58782 eV) in the
 excitation calculation.

 A coarse energy mesh of 0.001000 Z**2 Rydbergs (13.075366 eV) was used
 from first threshold up to 0.862736 Z**2 Rydbergs (11280.58782 eV) in the
 non-exchange calculation.

 Dipole and Born limits were used from the last calculated energy points
 up to infinite energy to complete the effective collision strengths

      G Y Liang, N R Badnell and G Zhao
      A&A 547, A87 (2012)
      DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201220277

 Produced by: Guiyun Liang
 Date:        27/11/11

 Those data points with same collision strength in OMEGAU at higher energies
 are deleted. The adf04 file is generated based upon this correction.

 Date:  Wed May 29 11:29:09 2013


  • Guiyun Liang
  • Nigel Badnell
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