Resolved Specific Ion Data Collections

Temperature Range
0.862 eV → 86.17 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: C+0(i) → C+0(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: C+0(i) + e → C+0(j) + e
2s(2)2p(2) 3P4.0 0.0 cm-1
2s(2)2p(2) 1D2.0 10163.0 cm-1
2s(2)2p(2) 1S0.0 21618.4 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 5S2.0 33705.6 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3s(1) 3P4.0 60343.3 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3s(1) 1P1.0 61952.2 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 3D7.0 64059.2 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 1P1.0 68826.7 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 3D7.0 69692.3 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 3S1.0 70714.3 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 3P4.0 71345.2 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 1D2.0 72581.0 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 1S0.0 73946.2 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 3P4.0 75225.2 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 1D2.0 77650.1 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 3F10.0 78196.7 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 3D7.0 78280.1 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 1F3.0 78499.9 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 1P1.0 78701.6 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 3P4.0 79285.2 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 1D2.0 97848.3 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 3S1.0 105769.0 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 1P1.0 119848.0 cm-1
2p(4) 3P4.0 170572.0 cm-1
2p(4) 1D2.0 182898.0 cm-1
2p(4) 1S0.0 211514.0 cm-1
2s(1)2p(2)3s(1) 5P7.0 97858.0 cm-1
2s(1)2p(2)3d(1) 5F17.0 115887.0 cm-1
2s(1)2p(2)3d(1) 5P7.0 115910.0 cm-1
2s(1)2p(2)3d(1) 5D12.0 116178.0 cm-1
 + 0         6         1         90878.0(2P)  133856.2(4P)

  Primary data obtained from R-matrix calculations of V. Burke (1993)

  Data converted to upsilon parameter by Robin Reid and transfered by
  FTP to RAL and by disc to JET.  First data installment is only n=2-2
  and n-2-3. No A-values are given.  Cross-section data are
  also available in the transfer data file.  The data set for JET use
  requires supplementation.
  The transfer file on the JET IBM for n=2-2 data is


  The transfer file on the JET IBM for n=2-3 data is


  Rate coefficient data were stripped and converted to ADF04 format
  by the code


                                                         H. P. Summers
                                                         7 July 1993

  Ion. pot.:-  C.E. Moore

  A-values :-  data from Wiess, Smith, Glennon where available.
               2-3 and 3-3 data from Hibbert et al. - At. Nucl. Data
               Tables (1993) - to be published.
               Additional data taken from Cowan calculations by
               Martin O'Mullane (cf 'JETSHP.COPMM#C.DATA(C0#LS93)')
               when not available in the first two sources.

  Upsilons :-  data not present in the R-matrix calculation were added
               from Born calculations using the Cowan code by
               Martin O'Mullane (cf 'JETSHP.COPMM#C.DATA(C0#LS93)')

  Level ext.:- The level set was extended to allow the main quintet
               excitations.  Data was taken from Martin O'Mullane
               (cf 'JETSHP.COPMM#C.DATA(C0#LS93)')

                                                         H. P. Summers
                                                         15 June 1993

  Conversion for extended operation
  multiple parent terms and ion pots. :- included

  spec. of final state for excited state ionisation :- included

  orbital energies :- included

                                                         H. P. Summers
                                                        10 April 1996

   Correct the orbital energy line to insert 0.0 for orbitals not present
   in the set of configurations.

   Martin O'Mullane



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