Resolved Specific Ion Data Collections

Temperature Range
0.862 eV → 86.17 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: C+0(i) → C+0(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: C+0(i) + e → C+0(j) + e
  • Free Electron Recombination: C+1(i) + e → C+0(j)
2s(2)2p(2) 3P4.0 0.0 cm-1
2s(2)2p(2) 1D2.0 10163.0 cm-1
2s(2)2p(2) 1S0.0 21618.4 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 5S2.0 33705.6 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3s(1) 3P4.0 60343.3 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3s(1) 1P1.0 61952.2 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 3D7.0 64059.2 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 1P1.0 68826.7 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 3D7.0 69692.3 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 3S1.0 70714.3 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 3P4.0 71345.2 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 1D2.0 72581.0 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3p(1) 1S0.0 73946.2 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 3P4.0 75225.2 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 1D2.0 77650.1 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 3F10.0 78196.7 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 3D7.0 78280.1 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 1F3.0 78499.9 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 1P1.0 78701.6 cm-1
2s(2)2p(1)3d(1) 3P4.0 79285.2 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 1D2.0 97848.3 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 3S1.0 105769.0 cm-1
2s(1)2p(3) 1P1.0 119848.0 cm-1
2p(4) 3P4.0 170572.0 cm-1
2p(4) 1D2.0 182898.0 cm-1
2p(4) 1S0.0 211514.0 cm-1
2s(1)2p(2)3s(1) 5P7.0 97858.0 cm-1
2s(1)2p(2)3d(1) 5F17.0 115887.0 cm-1
2s(1)2p(2)3d(1) 5P7.0 115910.0 cm-1
2s(1)2p(2)3d(1) 5D12.0 116178.0 cm-1
 + 0         6         1         90878.0(2P)  133856.2(4P)

  Primary data obtained from R-matrix calculations of V. Burke (1993)

  Data converted to upsilon parameter by Robin Reid and transfered by
  FTP to RAL and by disc to JET.  First data installment is only n=2-2
  and n-2-3. No A-values are given.  Cross-section data are
  also available in the transfer data file.  The data set for JET use
  requires supplementation.
  The transfer file on the JET IBM for n=2-2 data is


  The transfer file on the JET IBM for n=2-3 data is


  Rate coefficient data were stripped and converted to ADF04 format
  by the code


                                                         H. P. Summers
                                                         7 July 1993

  Ion. pot.:-  C.E. Moore

  A-values :-  data from Wiess, Smith, Glennon where available.
               2-3 and 3-3 data from Hibbert et al. - At. Nucl. Data
               Tables (1993) - to be published.
               Additional data taken from Cowan calculations by
               Martin O'Mullane (cf 'JETSHP.COPMM#C.DATA(C0#LS93)')
               when not available in the first two sources.

  Upsilons :-  data not present in the R-matrix calculation were added
               from Born calculations using the Cowan code by
               Martin O'Mullane (cf 'JETSHP.COPMM#C.DATA(C0#LS93)')

  Level ext.:- The level set was extended to allow the main quintet
               excitations.  Data was taken from Martin O'Mullane
               (cf 'JETSHP.COPMM#C.DATA(C0#LS93)')

                                                         H. P. Summers
                                                         15 June 1993

  Conversion for extended operation
  multiple parent terms and ion pots. :- included

  spec. of final state for excited state ionisation :- included

  orbital energies :- included

                                                         H. P. Summers
                                                        10 April 1996



   NOTE:  Energy levels of 2s2 2p 3d 1P and 2s2 2p 3d 3P were bent to
          give positive quantum defects in the rrc file only (not
          the specific ions file).



     Dielectronic data is post-processed from Badnell files as follows:


     The cross-referencing file is as follows:


     The parent metastable indices are as follows:

     1.    2S2 2P1             (2)1( 2.5)
     2.    2S1 2P2             (4)1( 5.5)

     Dielectronic data added to  26 existing rad. recom. level sets


   Correct the orbital energy line to insert 0.0 for orbitals not present
   in the set of configurations.

   Martin O'Mullane




  • Costanza Maggi
  • Hugh Summers
  • Martin O'Mullane
  • Nigel Badnell
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