Resolved Specific Ion Data Collections

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0.086 eV → 17.23 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: B+0(i) → B+0(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: B+0(i) + e → B+0(j) + e
1s2  2s2  2p1 2P2.5 0.0 cm-1
1s2  2s1  2p2 4P5.5 26005.9 cm-1
1s2  2s2  3s1 2S0.5 47226.7 cm-1
1s2  2s1  2p2 2D4.5 51022.8 cm-1
1s2  2s2  3p1 2P2.5 55946.2 cm-1
1s2  2s2  3d1 2D4.5 62027.6 cm-1
1s2  2s2  4s1 2S0.5 62819.3 cm-1
1s2  2s1  2p2 2S0.5 63876.2 cm-1
1s2  2s2  4p1 2P2.5 65469.6 cm-1
1s2  2s2  4d1 2D4.5 67631.9 cm-1
1s2  2s1  2p2 2P2.5 73965.5 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3s1 4P5.5 74547.2 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3s1 2P2.5 78813.1 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3p1 4D9.5 81177.6 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3p1 4S1.5 81951.8 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3p1 4P5.5 85770.8 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3p1 2P2.5 86120.0 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3p1 2D4.5 87284.1 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3d1 2D4.5 88335.5 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3d1 4D9.5 88951.2 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3d1 4F13.5 89060.4 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3d1 4P5.5 89568.3 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3d1 2F6.5 89713.3 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3d1 2P2.5 89843.5 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3p1 2S0.5 90326.0 cm-1
1s2  2p3 4S1.5 94805.2 cm-1
1s2  2p3 2D4.5 108607.0 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3s1 2P2.5 115149.0 cm-1
1s2  2p3 2P2.5 121406.0 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3p1 2D4.5 122777.0 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3p1 2S0.5 124379.0 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3p1 2P2.5 124660.0 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3d1 2D4.5 128659.0 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3d1 2F6.5 128808.0 cm-1
2s1  2p1  3d1 2P2.5 130003.0 cm-1

     Generated from Cowan Atomic Structure Program

     M O'Mullane        14:49  29/05/1992

    Note: Data contained in the copmm# series are considered better
          than the data contained in this file, it is recommended
          not to use this file.

          Moved comments to first column
          Added note about data quality
          Removed parentage information from level list
          Allan Whiteford, 28/07/08



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