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Temperature Range
2.154 eV → 431 eV


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  • Spontaneous Emission: O+4(i) → O+4(j) + hv
  • Electron Impact Excitation: O+4(i) + e → O+4(j) + e
2s2(1s0) 1S0.0 0.0 cm-1
2s2p(3p0) 3P0.0 81942.5 cm-1
2s2p(3p1) 3P1.0 82078.6 cm-1
2s2p(3p2) 3P2.0 82385.3 cm-1
2s2p(1p1) 1P1.0 158798.0 cm-1
2p2(3p0) 3P0.0 213462.0 cm-1
2p2(3p1) 3P1.0 213618.0 cm-1
2p2(3p2) 3P2.0 213887.0 cm-1
2p2(1d2) 1D2.0 231721.0 cm-1
2p2(1s0) 1S0.0 287910.0 cm-1
2s3s(3s1) 3S1.0 546973.0 cm-1
2s3s(1s0) 1S0.0 561276.0 cm-1
2s3p(1p1) 1P1.0 580825.0 cm-1
2s3p(3p0) 3P0.0 582806.0 cm-1
2s3p(3p1) 3P1.0 582843.0 cm-1
2s3p(3p2) 3P2.0 582920.0 cm-1
2s3d(3d1) 3D1.0 600749.0 cm-1
2s3d(3d2) 3D2.0 600759.0 cm-1
2s3d(3d3) 3D3.0 600779.0 cm-1
2s3d(1d2) 1D2.0 612616.0 cm-1

   Energy Levels
   The results from NSRDS NBS3 SECT 9 were used. These were within 2
   wavenumbers of the results of Edlen (Phys. Scr 32, 86, 1985 and
   28, 51, 1983) who only considered n=2 levels.

   Ionisation Potential
   As energy levels.

   A Values
   The results of Hibbert (J Phys B 13, 1721, 1980) were used for a
   consistent set (E1 and E2). The results of Nussbaumer and Storey
   (Astr and Ast 74, 244, 1979) were used for other transitions.

   Collision Data
   For the 2s2 1S - 2s2p 3P transition the results of Berrington et al
   (J Phys B 12, L275, 1979) are used. This was a 12 state R Matrix
   calculation done to show the effect of resonances converging to the n=3
   thresholds. Target wavefunction were CI from Hibbert's CIV3 code.

   For other transitions between the levels 2, the results of the 6
   state R matrix calculation of Berrington et al (At Data and Nucl.
   Data Tables 33, 195, 1985) were used. The R matrix calculation was
   carried out for total angular momenta from 0 to 6, for odd and even
   parities and doublet and quartet spin states. The problem of
   pseudoresonances was eliminated. Calculations were supplemented by
   Coulomb Born calculations for angular momenta between 7 and 20. For
   the technique of Burgess and Sheorey was used.
   In practice most of this data was extracted from the general Z file

   For 2 to 3 transitions the results of Widing et al (Astrophys. J 257,
   913, 1982) were used. This was a 12 state calculation as for the 2s2 1S
   - 2s2p 3P calculation. However, for 2s2 1S - 2s3l 3L the results of
   Tayal et al ( Proc of ICPEAC, Berlin, p192, 1982) were used. This was
   an extension of the earlier 12 state calculation.

   J LANG    April 1990.
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