Euroatom FP7

2013 ADAS-EU Extended Training Course at EFDA-JET: 30 Septemper –3 October 2013

The ADAS-EU Euratom Framework 7 Support Action of the European Community commenced on 1 Jan 2009 and finished on 30 Sep 2013. ADAS-EU in association with the ADAS Project has maintained atomic physics capabilities, developed new aspects and sought to anticipate future needs as required for fusion in Europe and for ITER. To disseminate and inform on these developments, ADAS-EU during the Spring and Summer of 2013 has sponsored special workshop/advanced training courses at fusion laboratories across the world. This last meeting and workshop is the summative and concluding one.

There are eight modules of one and a half hours duration, each comprising a 45 minute lecture, presented and a 45 minute active ADAS demonstration. The demonstration scripts are complete and are designed for stand-alone study but do require access to ADAS.





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